Setting Goals

Steps for Setting Goals

It is a new year! Let’s make 2019 the best year yet! If you have set goals in the past and have not met them, we invite you set a goal this year with the support of others. Whether it is for losing weight, improving your finances, or setting a new challenge, there are always opportunities for personal, emotional and professional growth. Luma is always looking for opportunities to help carriers and drivers, so we asked them what topics they wanted to learn more about and goal setting was a hot topic. Specifically, drivers reported they wanted quick and easy steps for setting goals.

Luma’s very own DRIVE FIRST eNugget® will walk you through a simple plan for setting goals and meeting them in 2019.

Setting Goals: The Plan
We invite drivers and carriers to connect with us on LinkedIn and share your plan for your goals. We want to support you in meeting these goals in 2019.

Setting GoalsThis is the type of content Luma provides for drivers in our eNugget® Platform. Drivers overwhelmingly are engaged when they access content through Luma eNuggets®. For example, our partners, Stay Metrics release Health and Wellness Topics topics to their carrier clients once a month. To date, they have had 7,109 drivers completed at least one Health and Wellness eNugget® and 51.8% of those drivers return 4 or more times.

There were 46,924 rewards issued for the Health and Wellness Topics. When we asked drivers how they prefer to learn 72% said they learn best when they are given multiple ways to learn the content. Less than 10% said they prefer to learn by video alone.

The first step in learning is having individuals attention. Why does Luma have their attention? Check out our White Paper on our philosophy on learning with eNuggets®. Be on the lookout this spring for our how you can modernize your orientation and see results!

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