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The Past, Present, and Future of Learning

Learning changes human behavior or performance. Learning is not situational; it is lifelong and ongoing. Luma Brighter Learning is a learning company that studies the process of how one acquires knowledge and uses learning theory grounded in science to create education, training, and content that aligns with the human conditions of learning. Read why AI is raising the urgency to define these four words.

For decades, the transportation industry has conducted passive orientations for drivers, overloading them with information. Content providers deliver ongoing remedial training in the format of long, generic-stale videos.

These methods go against how adults learn.

Since 2008, we’ve researched and identified the best learning practices fleets can implement to reduce safety risks and increase compliance. Access our free resources. These scientific-based learning solutions continue to be brought to life by Luma Brighter Learning in innovative ways.

Our Mission

We are a learning company that makes measurable differences in learning outcomes for our clients. We enrich lives globally through learning that engages and inspires.

Our Core Values

Customer Commitment

We build relationships that make a positive difference in our clients’ lives and our own lives.


We deliver on our promises.


What we do, we do well.


We are committed in heart and mind.


We can all do small things, but together, we can do something wonderful. #LumaDreamTeam

Our Leadership

Dr. Gina Anderson

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Scott Anderson

Chief Operating Officer

Julie Decker

Director of Operations