How Our Products Work

Provide innovative technology to meet diverse learning needs

Luma leverages technology to enhance when and how adults learn.

Break down content into meaningful, digestible pieces

Luma aligns content with human cognition by breaking it down into smaller, more easily digestible chunks, called eNuggets®.

Make the creation of custom content easy

Luma’s learning management system incorporates many best-in-class learning tools to create interactive and relevant experiences quickly. 

Tap into learning frequency

Luma’s technology allows for content to be delivered automatically in different ways on many types of devices over many sessions so that content is recalled during critical moments.

Engage learners through motivational and game-based learning techniques

Luma integrates motivational theory and game-based techniques into their tools and content to engage learners.

Create relevant learning

Luma uses real-time feedback to gain insights into what learners want to learn and then uses that information to release relevant information.

Capture training when it happens

Luma’s options allow supervisors to know who took training and track time and content versions for audits and safety compliance reporting.

How We Help


We help companies improve the safety of their organizations. In a correlational research study with Dart Transit Company, we found safety scores improved with the use of Luma’s products.

Read our correlational research study with Dart Transit Company.


We help companies curate, execute, and store driver compliance files and produce training records for audits and litigation.

Embracing Luma’s innovative approach has not only streamlined our operations but also enabled us to achieve DOT compliance seamlessly. By utilizing the power of the Luma Brighter Learning System – RBS now relies solely on electronic paperless technology to maintain DOT Compliance with our drivers. Our partnership with Luma allows RBS to proudly stand as an industry leader in the use of cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the trucking industry.

Sam Pouge, Director of Safety at R.B. Stewart


We help streamline driver orientations, increasing the value of face-to-face time, getting drivers on the road sooner, and putting money back in the hands of our clients.

See how we saved CPC Logistics more than half of a day per driver in orientation.


We make learning easy, fun, and authentic. Our clients can tailor our library of more than 1,200 micro lessons – called eNuggets® – and make them their own, building relevance for their learners. Learner feedback for Luma products and content is overwhelmingly positive. The result is drivers, employees, independent contractors, and warehouse workers who actually want to complete training.

Client Testimonial: Kris Potier, Safety Manager at TransVac LLC.


We help the environment by enabling clients to go completely paperless with forms, permits, and other documents. Clients have gone on record to share that we’ve saved them more than one million dollars.

Client Testimonial: Annette Munger, Safety Risk Manager at R.E. Garrison Trucking, Inc.

Knowledge Retention

We help learners remember content when they’re under stress and feeling pressure. A driver recalled Luma’s eNugget® on fire safety when his truck caught fire, and he successfully put it out.

Client Testimonial: Pat Jones, Director of Fleet Safety at Forward


We improve the flow of information by offering multiple ways to communicate with learners. On the road, in the truck, or in the warehouse, Luma offers a way to send safety and health messages based on schedules.

Client Testimonial: Thomas Gleichmann, LMS Specialist, OHS Auditor at TransX Group

Product Listing

Luma eNugget® Learning

This award-winning learning platform offers fleets the ability to serve their entire organization with customizable learning, forms, and compliance tools. It includes our complete library of content. We recommend identifying a dedicated program champion to utilize all this product’s features.

This is an ongoing subscription and can be canceled at any time.

Luma Emerge®

This award-winning learning platform offers those fleets without a dedicated resource person access to learning, video messages, and reporting for their entire organization. This product affords these fleets access to scientific-based content without the needed resources for customization. It includes our content library without forms.

This is an ongoing subscription and can be canceled at any time.

Luma Entry-Level Driver Training

We provide FMCSA theory training for the Entry-Level Driver Training requirements. Our program allows fleets and training schools to submit the behind-the-wheel training directly to the FMCSA through Luma’s platform. We can submit the theory training under Luma’s training provider registry (TPR) or the fleet’s or training school’s TPR. We offer Class A and Class B training and the following endorsements: passenger endorsement, school bus endorsement, and hazmat endorsement.

More than 1,200 micro lessons, called eNuggets®, are included with both the Luma eNugget® Learning and Luma Emerge® products. Lessons cover driver safety training, warehouse training, OSHA training, health and wellness, leadership training, hazardous materials training, state-specific sexual harassment training, reasonable suspicion training, training specific to electronic logging devices (ELDs), and more. Because we continually develop content, new content is always at your fingertips. Luma provides training content based on the rules and guidelines promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) and Transport Canada (TC), among others.

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Product Features

Luma eNugget® Learning Luma Emerge® Luma ELDT Program

Instructional design and LMS support

Benefit from access to a training specialist for instructional design and learning management system (LMS) support.


Set up and support material included in the LMS.

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Learning Lessons

Free teaching strategies


Free game-based tips


Access to white papers

Content and Automation

1200+ eNuggets® that can be customized

Run all training programs from online, face-to-face and blended orientation to leadership to ongoing driver and employee safety programs.

1000+ eNuggets® that can be assigned out of the box

Use our pre-set mixed medium. Curriculum is refreshed every year to create your own online or blended learning assignments from leadership to ongoing driver and employee safety programs.

FMCSA integration for behind-the-wheel and theory for ELDT

Let us submit the behind-the-wheel and theory directly to the FMCSA for you.

Interactive content creation tool

Build interactive custom content.

Custom content

Load custom content in any format.

Truck and trailer permits

Convert any paperwork or files to a digital format.

Triggers and schedules

Automatically send out training on events on a schedule.

Forms and Smart Forms eSignatures

Make any file digital and fillable (e.g., accident forms, truck permits).


Luma has open APIs and integrates with any vendor at no additional cost.

FMCSA Integrations

Luma has open APIs and integrates with FMCSA at no additional cost for the theory portion and behind-the-wheel portion.


Luma has FMCSA -approved training and can incorporate custom certificates.


Luma has FMCSA-approved training out-of-the-box certificates.


Communicate through Luma’s online synchronous tool.


Communicate through real-time text and email.

Discussion boards

Set up learner-to-learner interaction.

Anonymous and non-anonymous surveys and polls

Get user feedback.

Newsletters and announcements

Post any digital communication to Luma’s platform.



Use out-of-the-box or custom reporting.


Use out-of-the-box reporting.


Document training with online proctoring.

Record Keeping

Upload expiration dates from face-to-face schedules and keep track of face-to-face sign-in forms and documentation.

File Cabinet

Keep digital forms and files safe and secure and help with reminders with upcoming expiration dates. Use File Cabinet for document versioning and storage for files across an organization. Permissions are tightly controlled.

Rewards and Incentives

Company stores and merchandise

Build incentive programs.

Digital badges and points

Use game-based features with or without incentives.


Incorporate internal challenges.

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