The Learning Process and White Paper

Learning Process and White Paper

Luma “Brighter Learning”, an instructional design and learning The Learning Process and White Paper company, is interested in helping all learners succeed!  With over 20 years of experience in the education industry, Dr. Gina Anderson has been interested in creating learning experiences that have measurably better learning outcomes. Luma’s research supports learning science literature that underscores the importance of designing instruction with a specific audience in mind.  Luma crafts custom solutions in a variety of fields, but has a particular interest in helping the driver industry.

At Luma, we have observed the need to onboard drivers quickly.  Gina states, “There is so much information drivers need to retain, but unfortunately, the way this content is being delivered is not aligned with how people learn.” With so much information to cover, there is no way the drivers will be able to retain the information. “Yes, a box is checked and they are out on the road, but did they really learn the information?” Luma has been studying drivers’ learning behaviors and preferences for over 5 years. Luma’s hope is that their knowledge will support carriers in their training efforts. Gina says, “We hope by sharing knowledge that we can help cut down on accidents and in the end…save lives.”

Our white paper, One-Size Orientation Fits All? Our Brain Doesn’t Say So!, dives into Luma’s E2A Instructional Model. The model takes into account the wide variety of learning needs and training demands to shape a custom solution. E2A employs three principles of learning critical to driver learning: engagement, efficiency, and authenticity. This paper describes each of these principles separately and how we employ them in driver trainings.

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If you would like to connect with Luma to help you create a custom solution for your drivers, give us a call at (574) 807-8148.  You can read more about our platform and how much our clients love it. FedEx uses the DRIVE SAFE platform that Luma developed in partnership with Stay Metrics. Additionally, the Women in Trucking Association recognized Luma as a Top 20 Women-Owned Businesses in the Spring issue of its official magazine, Redefining the Road.

Check out this sneak peak from the white paper:

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