Preventive Screening

Happy New Year! With the new year comes time to reflect and think about your current health. We often take health for granted and do not pay attention until we are sick. Do not wait until something is wrong to take care of yourself. This learning lesson focuses on introducing preventive screening to your employees and drivers.

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1/3/20 Luma Learning Lesson #19: Preventive Screening


  • Define preventive screening.
  • Identify one preventive screening measure that you can take to keep yourself healthy.

Estimated Time

60 minutes


  • Preventative Screening Worksheet
  • Note cards
  • Post-it-notes
  • Pen or pencil
  • Computer or Smartphone
  • eNugget® Preventive Screening or a similar preventive listing.


Instructional Procedures for F2F
1. EfficiencyPut note cards and post-it-notes on the tables. Make sure each table has different colored post-it notes.
2. EfficiencyPlace participants into small groups.
3. AuthenticityEngagementHave them come up with a team name. This makes it fun and adds an element of competition.
4. EfficiencyTell everyone to grab a note card. Have everyone print: “preventative screening” on one side and have them individually define it on the other. They should do this individually.
5. AuthenticityThen have each individual in the group share their definition and come up with a group definition.
6. AuthenticityEngagementDiscuss their definitions. See how they compare and have the class agree to a class definition. Ask how by show of hands many of them think they engage in preventative screening.
7. AuthenticityEngagementHave the groups write on the post-it-notes all the different preventative screenings they can come up with or have individually engaged in.
8. AuthenticityEngagementHave them write the name of the screening on the front of the Post-It and the benefit on the back. When the groups are done, have them come up front and post their items on the wall.
9. AuthenticityEngagementReview the postings. Groups that came up with a screening that no one came up with get 5 points. Any screening that was generated that is acceptable but is duplicated by another group gets 1 point. Optional: You can give out prizes for the top teams.
10. EfficiencyTransition to the worksheet provided. You can print it out or have them fill it out on their computer. Also provide the Luma eNugget® Preventive Screening or a similar preventive screening listing.
11. EfficiencyHave them review the different types of screenings. They can see if the list includes any items they did not come up with.
12. AuthenticityEngagementHave them fill out the worksheet individually and discuss in their groups.
13. At the end of the class, take time to try to address different fears or concerns they have with preventative screening. Remind them why they are important.


Instructional Procedures for Online
1. EfficiencyProvide the Luma eNugget® Preventive Screening or a similar preventive screening listing.
2. EfficiencyHave them review the different types of screenings and fill out the worksheet provided.
3. AuthenticityEngagementMeet with participants one-on-one via LumaLive or similar technology to coach them and discuss any fears that they may have with preventative screening.

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