Introducing Brush

We would like to officially welcome Brush to the Luma family! You may have seen Brush around as he is one of Nugget’s best friends. Brush is here to help Luma celebrate driver appreciation.

Let’s learn a little bit more about Brush:

Bloomington, IN
June 21
Favorite Color:
Bubblegum blue
Favorite Food:
Blueberries, bleu cheese, and pizza
Favorite Sport:
Baseball, basketball, and hockey
Favorite teams:
Toronto Blue Jays, St. Louis Blues, and the Dallas Mavericks
Painting, bird watching, visiting national parks with friends, watching and playing basketball with Nugget, going to Blue Man Group performances
Favorite Movie:
The Blues Brothers, Batman (except for George Clooney Batman), and Back to the Future
Favorite Song:
Blue [Da Ba Dee], You’ve Got a Friend in Me, That’s What Friends Are For
My best traits:
I am a kind friend who loves celebrating others!

Relationships we have with others have a big influence on our life. Some days you may feel alone and like the world is against you. If you feel alone and need a sign, remember that this is it! Brush is that friend that will celebrate your successes and support you!

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