DataQs: An Important Tool for Professional CMV Drivers

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11/22 Luma Learning Lesson #13: DataQs: An Important Tool for Professional CMV Drivers


  • Define the purpose of the DataQ portal.
  • Use the DataQ portal to review your data.
  • Make a plan to challenge information.

Estimated Time

60 minutes


  • KWL Sheet
  • DataQ Job Aid
  • $10 per driver for their Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP)
  • report
  • Computers/iPads/phones
  • Internet


Instructional Procedures for F2F
1. Optional: Provide $10 to each driver for attending so they can get their Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP) report during class or only drivers that bring $10 can obtain their report..
2. Optional: Place learners in learning pears or pods.
3. EfficiencyWhen they sit down have the KWL sheet at their tables.
4. AuthenticityEfficiencyHave the groups fill out the first two columns. What do they know about the DataQs? and What do they want to know about the DataQs? Give them 5-10 minutes to fill it out.
5. Discuss the classes responses. Be sure to explain Its purpose is to help FMCSA safeguard the quality and accuracy of the data they disseminate. DataQs is a free, online system through which drivers and motor carriers can challenge data that’s maintained by FMCSA and released to the public. Tell them they are going to use the DataQ Portal to examine their safety data.
6. EfficiencyMake sure you have computers at each pod or pair. Tell the drivers their task is to have each find out their safety data. They should all help each other.
7. EngagementOptional: Any group that successfully uses the job aid and gets their data you can incentivize by providing prizes. They do not have to be big prizes.
8. Pass out the DataQ Job Aid. This will walk them through the process.
9. EfficiencyAuthenticityWalk around and help with any questions or issues. Drivers might just need to make a plan because they will not have all the information they need at their fingertips.
10. AuthenticityEngagementEfficiencyEnd the class with reviewing the KWL chart. Have them fill in: What did I learn? You can collect these and anyone that has completed their work can earn recognition. Consider hanging well done KWL charts around the office.


Instructional Procedures for Online
1. AuthenticitySend out a survey or poll to see what drivers already know about the DataQ portal.
2. EfficiencyAssign Luma’s DataQs: An Important Tool for Professional CMV Drivers ® or similar online materials that walk through the steps of improving their chances of a successful data challenge.
3. EfficiencyThe online curriculum walks them through the same steps provided in the DataQ Job Aid and provides an overview of the DataQs.
4. AuthenticityPick an LMS like eNuggets® that allows you to create a 30 second video that shows how go to the web site and sign up.
5. EngagementOptional: Turn on a discussion board where drivers can share their experiences with using the portal. Let them ask questions about it.
6. Encourage drivers to enroll in Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP) driver monitoring service

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