Clearing up Common Errors with ELDs at Roadside Inspections

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10/4 Luma Learning Lesson #6: Pair and Share Activity


  • Transfer log data when requested.
  • Know what ELD device is being used.
  • Locate and maintain paperwork such as ELD instruction manuals, data transfer instructions, or blank paper logs.
  • Recite procedures for making edits after ELDs have been submitted.
  • Mount a portable EDL. (optional)

Estimated Time

80 minutes


Instructional Procedures for F2F
1. AuthenticityExplain to the drivers that at roadside inspections the data is showing that drivers are making simple mistakes. You can add the specific mistakes that are being made at your company. We provided the background article in our materials if you want to reference the article.
2. EngagementTell the class that you are going to make them stars so that none of these pitfalls at roadside inspections happens to them.
3. EngagementEfficiencyAuthenticityPair them up in 2s. Set the challenge: You are going to give them a list of challenges. They have to make sure that they can complete each challenge. They have to come back in 1 hour to report back what they learned.
4. EfficiencyEngagementPass out the Show and Tell Worksheet. They will earn points for each challenge successfully completed.
5. If your company is having additional struggles, be sure to add them to the blank cards.
6. EngagementSet a timer with the time limit. Everyone needs to be back in the room when the buzzer goes off. Pairs get penalized a point for every minute they will be late.
7. EfficiencyEngagementHave pairs share what they learned, what challenges they had, what they still have questions. Hold a large group discussion.

Instructional Procedures for Online
1.   AuthenticitySend out the article in an announcement in your LMS. Feel free to add in the announcement any specific challenges your drivers are having. These directions can be adjusted to meet your needs

a.There are many mistakes that are being caught at roadside inspections. We want to make that you are prepared at roadside inspections with your ELDs.
EngagementEfficiencyb.Attached are challenges that we want to make sure that you can complete: Show and Tell Worksheet
c.If you are not sure on how to do any of these challenges, email your manager so you can be assigned a mentor or you can meet with your safety manager.
Engagementd.Anyone that has the worksheet complete by next week will earn gas cards.
e.Post the worksheet to the LMS dropbox. [If you work with Luma we can make this a form where they can upload images. We can also set up a File Drop for video file uploads for documentation.
2. EngagementAfter drivers complete the worksheet, highlight specific drivers who did an exceptional job.
3. EfficiencyPost follow up material online that is specific to your ELD that they can reference anytime on the common mistakes and challenges that they are having. Include different types of materials (videos, images, steps, handouts, assessments). Assign them content to review anytime, anywhere.

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