Welcome to Luma, Landon!

Luma Brighter Learning, an instructional design and learning company, is excited to welcome our new information technology specialist! He comes to us with many years of education and customer support experience.

Dr. Gina Anderson, Luma’s CEO, says, “Two of our core values are commitment to our customers and teamwork. We hired Landon because he is committed to learning and progressing his skills in IT. Since we are a SaaS company, we are constantly evolving our technology and need a skilled team to support our clients with our innovations. Landon is a team player and an awesome fit!”

Landon lives in Kathleen, Georgia, and will be graduating with his B.A. in information technology in July. He joins Luma with experience in supporting learners in the learning management system Blackboard. Landon has a passion for cooking and learning.

Fun fact about Landon: his favorite season is winter because he enjoys the cold weather!

Welcome to the team Landon. We are glad to have you representing Luma to our customers!

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