Welcome to Luma, Michelle!

We are super excited to welcome Michelle Berzack to the Luma Dream Team as our new customer support specialist! She comes to us with many years of education and customer support experience.

Luma CEO Dr. Gina Anderson shares, “Two of our core values are commitment to our customers and passion. We hired Michelle because she perfectly aligns with our core values and our desire to create the best support possible for our clients. She has a unique perspective on how to support diverse learning needs during onboarding and training, and she is passionate about education and learning!”

Michelle lives in Asheville, NC and has experience supporting multiple clients in onboarding and training. Her master’s degree is in science education and she has a Certificate of Equity in education, coupled with a Bachelor of Science. She also has experience owning a private chef company and working with onboarding and client support for a talent acquisition firm. 

Fun fact about Michelle: She has traveled to more than 40 countries!

Connect with Michelle on LinkedIn.

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