Welcome to Luma, Julie!

Luma Brighter Learning is excited to announce our all-star Director of Operations, Julie Decker.

Luma CEO Dr. Gina Anderson shares, “One of our core values at Luma is passion. It was obvious that Julie was the perfect fit for leadership at Luma with her passion for technology, training, and team building. Julie brings an industry perspective that will really leverage the depth of our client support, which is our commitment to our customers.”

Julie comes to Luma with over 15-years of industry experience in transportation and brings technology, training, and leadership experience.

A fun fact about Julie is that she is a trained tap dancer and stagehand!

Julie can be reached at nugget@learnwithluma.com, juliedecker@learnwithluma.com, or by phone at 574-807-8148 ext, 715.

Welcome to the Dream Team, Julie! We know our team and clients are excited to work with you!

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