Learning is Relevance

How many times have you taken a training and thought, is this really relevant to me? With instructional design, you have to be on the heartbeat of relevance and know that what might be relevant to one audience may not be relevant to another audience. So, you have to form partnerships with industry experts who are doing research on and working with the audience to know what is important to them. Once you have a sense on what is relevant to your audience, consider providing “just-in-time” micro lessons, or eNuggets®, as we like to call them. Need an example?

Luma partners with StayMetrics to provide truck driver safety and wellness training. Here is one “just-in-time” eNugget® on Roadchecks that will happen next week (June 7th—June 9th) that was just released today for free for the month of June to help the drivers. Talk about relevance! Contact Luma or Stay Metrics to provide relevant training to your drivers.

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