Luma Brighter Learning Makes Their Digital Forms Smarter

Luma Brighter Learning, a learning and instructional design company that provides the eNugget Learning Management orientation and training platform for the trucking industry that has close to 750 content modules, announced this week that they made their digital forms smarter.

Dr. Gina Anderson, CEO of Luma said, “We are a learning company. So, it only makes sense to offer the ability with our forms to perform mathematical and higher programming functions to make the forms work harder for our users. Putting digital forms online is one thing, but now Luma can offer forms that work smarter for clients.”

Luma’s forms now include arithmetic sequences and javascript functions to allow the forms to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and so much more.

Luma’s COO, Dr. Scott Anderson, who has his Ph.D. in engineering commented, “Our clients have asked for the ability to implement complex functions with our forms and we wanted to make it happen. The possibilities with this new capacity really are endless. It is exciting to put these engineering principles into practice.”

Any form can be loaded into Luma’s eNugget Learning Management and completed on a phone or tablet. In fact, some of Luma’s clients are uploading their accident forms because Luma’s drawing tool allows drivers to draw directly on the form to indicate where the damage on a vehicle occurred. Moreover, images can be uploaded directly to the form and everything can be packaged and emailed directly to their safety director.

If you would like to attend a Luma Lunch and Learn this Friday at noon EST to see the Smart Form in action, email your contact information to

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