Onboarding Quickly and Efficiently

How many times have you started a new job and had to sit in an all day training (or multiple days or weeks) to learn everything you needed to know about your new job?  How much do you remember the next day? How effective was the training?

From a trainer and trainee perspective, these sessions are often dreaded. Research by the Aberdeen Group found 86% of new employees decide whether to stay or quit a new job within their first 6 months. At Luma, we want to solve this problem to make the training session effective and efficient for both parties. So, how do you do it?


Example.  We created (in partnership with Stay Metrics) an online onboarding training program for commercial drivers that has proven to be effective in the driving industry.  It is called DRIVE FIRST. The onboarding experience is aimed to make classroom sessions more efficient by offering content online and saving classroom time for the information that requires more explanation.  The training can be used totally online or in a blended fashion with parts completed online before, during, or after face-to-face time. We can apply these concepts in your industry to help create the best possible onboarding experience.




Learners can only remember seven, plus or minus two, pieces of information at one time. This is why our training is delivered as eNuggets®.  We break down the most essential content so drivers can remember what they have learned. Because we know users’ attention spans are short, we design content that will get their attention—and keep it.  



We use research-based instructional design methods to keep driver’s engaged, and we collect data to inform how we create and deliver training to drivers. By delivering content in ways drivers prefer, DRIVE FIRST training becomes even more effective. Training content is current and relevant to drivers. 



In a classroom training, adult learners tend to lose interest within 30–35 seconds. One goal of this training is to provide efficient and effective training that holds learners’ attention. The DRIVE FIRST collection affords you flexibility in how you deliver and offer content. You can assign parts of the training before and/or after in-class trainings.



DRIVE FIRST content includes online employment forms with embedded instructions, interactive content, and assessments on a variety of topics. With this training collection, you can add custom content, policies, and forms for your drivers. Rewards and points can also be incorporated even before they come to a face-to-face session! 


Are you interested in improving your orientation solution? Contact Luma today so we can help you with your onboarding needs!

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