Nationwide, Luma Brighter Learning partner to offer award-winning safety training programs

Nationwide and Luma Brighter Learning, a learning and instructional design company, have partnered to improve safety training effectiveness for commercial fleet insureds and make roads safer. Building an effective safety culture and training program is integral to changing the way drivers perform on the road.

Traditionally, training in the trucking industry has been provided in lengthy classroom or video-based formats, and not aligned with how many people learn. Luma Brighter Learning has shown a positive correlation between training in the form of short eNuggets® with improvements in fleet safety scores. Luma Brighter Learning offers multiple training modes and formats to meet the needs of all learners.

“The first step of learning is to have a driver’s attention,” said Dr. Gina Anderson, CEO and co-founder of Luma. “Our game-based and interactive designs gets a driver’s attention and breaks down complex topics into easy to understand eNuggets® of information that help the driver retain the essential information. You want them to be able to recall what to do within seconds of a safety event. Their life or someone else’s might depend on it. “

This partnership affords Nationwide commercial fleet insureds of all sizes and resources with discounted access to Luma Brighter Learning solutions. With Luma, insureds have the option to use eNuggets® out-of-the box or build a comprehensive custom learning program.

“Our partnership with Luma is one of many strategic risk management partnerships Nationwide has in place to improve the safety and risk profile of commercial fleets. Training is a key to a strong safety culture, but it needs to be optimized for driver learning.” said Phillip Wigginton, National Director of Risk Management Services at Nationwide.

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