Luma Brighter Learning Expands Incentive Program


[Mount Pleasant, S.C., June 13, 2023] — Luma Brighter Learning, an award-winning instructional design and learning company, announced today the expansion of its incentive program. This program allows Luma learners to earn points that can be used toward the purchase of products from Best Buy® after completing Luma online learning micro-lessons called eNuggets®.

The incentive program allows motor carriers to design their own point system in the platform. Luma previously offered clients the ability to redeem points for client-branded items from a ‘company store’. Now, it’s expanding to allow learners to purchase tech products from Best Buy, including tablets, headphones, small appliances, and more.

“We are happy to share the expanded incentive program with our Luma clients that offers opportunities for learners to purchase products from Best Buy,” said Dr. Gina Anderson, Luma Brighter Learning co-founder and CEO. “Learners are motivated in different ways, and our incentive program has shown to encourage the completion of training within the platform, and reward learners for their efforts.”

The new incentive is now available to Luma clients.

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