Pioneering Trucking-Industry Learning With Artificial Intelligence

Luma Brighter Learning Launches First-of-Its-Kind Technology Application

[Mount Pleasant, S.C., August 8, 2023] — Luma Brighter Learning, an award-winning instructional design and learning company, announced today the launch of artificial intelligence (AI) assist technology within the Luma platform to support subject matter experts in the creation of authentic content. Now, Luma Brighter Learning users can create personalized content using AI, enabling ease in content generation.

“We are excited to bring this ground-breaking learning opportunity to the trucking industry. Carriers will now be able to easily generate custom content specific to their organizations and drivers’ needs,” said Dr. Gina Anderson, co-founder and CEO of Luma Brighter Learning. “AI assist is the next iteration of tools that we can use as part of our toolbox. The goal is to assist subject matter experts, not replace them.”

Anderson believes the use of AI assist will allow users to maximize Luma’s learning module creation and result in safer drivers and workforces. “We can leverage AI technology for many applications. This specific application helps our clients get the first words down on paper to create authentic eNuggets®. This will provide a starting point for Luma clients to edit, review, and sign off on the curriculum.”

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