Podcast: E-Learning for Truck Drivers with Dr. Gina Anderson

This week, The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers hosted by Bruce Outridge featured Luma CEO Dr. Gina Anderson in episode 400, titled “E-Learning for Truck Drivers.”

From The Lead Pedal Podcast:

“Learning via video or audio is becoming popular in today’s society and the trucking industry began to embrace it years ago with varying success. Bruce talks with Dr Gina Anderson of Learn with Luma about how effective video training is and ways that it can be implemented and improved for those on the road or in remote locations. Find out how language effects training and why customizing the programs can help with attention for drivers. Learn more about Learn with Luma at www.learnwithluma.com.”

Download the full episode today: The Lead Pedal Podcast | iTunes | Stitcher

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