Luma Brighter Learning Introduces Advanced, Metric-Driven Technology for Customized Instruction in Organizational Education and Training

Julie Decker, Director of Operations at Luma Brighter Learning, announces the official launch of Luma Navigator at the inaugural Luma Learning Lab User Conference held on May 16-17, 2024, in Houston, Texas

[Mount Pleasant, S.C., May 21, 2024] — Luma Brighter Learning, an award-winning learning company in the trucking and transportation space that helps change behaviors and improve safety, announced the launch of Luma Navigator™, a new metric-driven learning tool that will revolutionize how companies train and educate learners, at its inaugural Luma Learning Lab User Conference held on May 16-17, 2024, in Houston, Texas. 

“When we think about adult learning at companies, we often see generic content delivered to all learners in the same way, at the same time, and in the same format,” Dr. Gina Anderson, CEO and co-founder of Luma Brighter Learning, said. “Our goal was to provide an innovation that will help learners retain information and change behaviors according to their unique needs.”

With Luma Navigator™, organizations can deliver individualized coaching plans that integrate multiple modes of educational interaction to drive behavior change. The platform affords companies the ability to tailor their metrics, automating meaningful learning experiences that cater to individualized learning needs and performance. The coaching programs developed through Luma Navigator™ may include diverse strategies, such as live instruction using LumaLive®, immersive learning experiences, motivational surveys, and traditional phone evaluations to engage learners effectively. 

Dr. Anderson continued, “Differentiated instruction is an ideal education environment that we all want, but how does one implement such impactful learning on an individual level? With AI, data, and a technology-enhanced learning platform like Luma Navigator™, this is now possible.”

The educational coaching programs that are created in Luma Navigator™ can be:

  • Customized to meet the learning preferences of each individual at the organization.
  • Delivered through a variety of media and interaction types (not just training videos) that combine online and face-to-face learning for maximum engagement.
  • Used out-of-the-box through templates that are informed by learning science, or designed based on the needs of the company.
  • Delivered just-in-time, either automatically or as part of a cadence that is predetermined by the trainer.

Throughout the process, companies may track progress in LumaNavigator™ through a visualized dashboard displaying key metrics, which empowers organizations to make informed decisions when designing additional coaching plans.

Chris Henderly, United Road’s training manager, shares, “We can use FMCSA data and company information to create a learning path to correct behavior. A structured program like Luma Navigator™ helps us use data to explore the best possible options for helping the learner succeed.”

Dr. Scott Anderson, COO and co-founder of Luma, shared, “The goal for us is to change behaviors. There is so much data that we can harness in one place to deliver the most impactful learning and motivational strategies to influence behavior change.”

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