Luma Brighter Learning wins Insight Expo 2023 Partner Showdown

Trimble’s Insight Tech Conference + Expo is a multi-day event for leading professionals in the transportation industry, with a focus on education, networking, and collaboration. The central aim of the event is to explore ways to optimize supply chain and improve efficiency for all stakeholders involved.

One way to showcase the innovation in the transportation industry is the Insight Partner Showdown, where participants have just five minutes to demonstrate their products and solutions to the audience.

After stiff competition and a close vote, Luma Brighter Learning emerged victorious with their immersive, AI-powered learning engine designed to streamline the driver workflow and enhance coaching programs!

Other participants in the Partner Showdown included Rose Rocket, Microsoft, Transflo, Optimal Dynamics, ISAAC Instruments, Drivewyze, SpeedGauge, and Connixt.

Congratulations to the Luma Dream Team!

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