Improving Engagement with Luma

Luma was formed with the desire to help create measurable better learning outcomes. At the beginning of this academic school year, we want you to consider how Luma could help your organization improve education outcomes. Data shows that working with Luma does make a difference!

Case Study
ndigniteDuring the 2015-2016 academic year, Luma worked with the University of Notre Dame’s Office of Outreach & Engagement Recruitment (OER) to improve student engagement in the NDignite Connection program. NDignite Connection is an online enrichment program for high-achieving students in grades 7-9 that strives to help students better understand their gifts, talents and interests, while offering valuable insight into life at a highly-selective university. The online version of NDignite Connection was started in the spring of 2014 and utilized several free, web-based platforms to execute programming. The administrators started tracking engagement numbers in the fall of 2014 and found that they had a lot of students enrolled in the program, but not many were actively engaged. After surveying students, they found that students were confused by the use of different platforms and they struggled to remember passwords, schedules, and assignment deadlines. On the administration side, OER staff struggled to gather meaningful engagement data, because none of the platforms were really designed for what they were using them for (this meant hours of clunky data export and manipulation for them). During the 2015-2016 academic school year, the OER team worked with Luma to develop a customized online learning experience using a hybrid of the STEMCity and eNugget platforms.


The result?
After using Luma’s platform, OER saw a 20% increase in student participation in their live broadcasts and a 15% increase in overall engagement in the assignments (one NDignite Connection chapter experienced a 140% increase in student engagement!).


Staci Hundt, Operations Program Director, stated, “Through a combination of our students’ feedback and the incredible talent of Luma, we were able to develop a consolidated online learning experience that has led to increased student engagement and retention. This has allowed us to scale up and introduce Notre Dame to more promising young students across the country than we ever thought possible.”

Like we did for NDignite Connection, we want to work with you to help your education programs excel! Contact us at

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