Ethical Conduct and the Workplace

Last month we shared three new DRIVE FIRST® eNuggets®, including this month’s highlighted topic: ethics training.

We regularly face situations that involve ethical queries. Basic questions like, How am I going to spend my time today? to more complex questions such as, How am I going to allocate company dollars? or How am I going to deal with drivers I know who are breaking the law?

Gut instincts and good intentions may point us in the right direction, but they are not enough when the integrity of our work could be questioned. Following your company’s standards and the general principles of ethical conduct used by all Department of Transportation (DOT) employees is a good start, but you can also determine what is ethically appropriate in the workplace by practicing these foundational pillars: Awareness, Engagement, and Accountability.

Let’s take a look at how to apply these pillars to tough situations at work:

Ethical Conduct in the Workplace

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