Client Testimonial: Kris Potier, Safety Manager at TransVac LLC.

Have you wondered “Why Luma?” Look no further!

This month Safety Manager Kris Potier shares TransVac’s reasons for choosing Luma Emerge™, our product for carriers that do not have time to create custom training.

Kris discusses how Luma’s content is different than most training in the transportation industry:

“…my drivers are used to watching 30 minutes of video, taking a test, fail the test, have to watch the video again. With Luma, it saves a lot of time due to the fact that it’s not just a video….You don’t waste as much time in training. You’re getting the message across but it’s a lot more efficient in that effect.”

He also shares the driver response to Luma:

“My drivers, they enjoy it. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a training program where my drivers actually call me and are asking, ‘When is the next training?’ They engage. I don’t have to engage them. It’s makes my job a lot easier.”

Thank you Kris for the Luma Emerge praise!

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