Strategies for Increasing Engagement with Blended Learning: Idea #6

Nugget the MascotThis series provides strategies for using a blended-learning approach with focus around Luma’s E2A Instructional Model and orientation in the trucking industry. To read more about the structure of each lesson visit this post.

Here’s the Scoop #6

Instead of having learners sit and listen to a lecture, get them engaged by putting them in groups to compete on an authentic task. For example, see which team can complete a pre-inspection the most accurately and quickly. Maybe one group evaluates the other, given their knowledge and experience, and set a time limit. Providing competition on an authentic task keeps them engaged on an important real-world task.

  • Engages learners in a real-world task
  • Places the learner at the center of the learning experience
  • Reinforces concepts with peer input and engagement
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