Authenticity Tip #40: Build Safety and Trust

In education, the term authenticity is often used to reference the relevance or meaning of instruction and training to learners. Based on half a million drivers in the Luma Brighter Learning platform providing feedback, our original findings are supported as to how authenticity varies between those who create and decide on curriculum and those who consume or interact with the curriculum.Our goal is to provide weekly tips and strategies for building authentic learning experiences that inspire your team members, create a lasting impression, and grow your safety culture. For more information, read Dr. Gina Anderson’s article, Create Instruction That Engages, Inspires, and Elevates Your Safety Culture.

I Love Learning Podcast, EP40: Sondra Norris, Founder of Ultimate Manager Enablement

Authentic Learning Tip #40: Build Safety and Trust

A big component of building authentic learning environments is to create an internal feeling of safety and protection. Sondra did this at one of her darkest times by reaching out to a stranger to gain strength. In order to open up and learn, the environment must be centered around trust and listening.

  • Listen when someone is talking.
  • Be open to new perspectives.
  • Take the time you need to participate.
  • Know that everyone wants to be seen, valued and heard.
  • Hold ongoing conversations with each other.
  • Create a judgment-free environment.
  • Play music.
  • Invite breathing exercises.
  • Create power cards like I feel ….strong and write them daily.

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