Authenticity Tip #26: Use Learner Choice to Map Your Journey

In education, the term authenticity is often used to reference the relevance or meaning of instruction and training to learners. Based on half a million drivers in the Luma Brighter Learning platform providing feedback, our original findings are supported as to how authenticity varies between those who create and decide on curriculum and those who consume or interact with the curriculum.Our goal is to provide weekly tips and strategies for building authentic learning experiences that inspire your team members, create a lasting impression, and grow your safety culture. For more information, read Dr. Gina Anderson’s article, Create Instruction That Engages, Inspires, and Elevates Your Safety Culture.

I Love Learning Podcast, EP26: Shay Lynch, Business Architect at Future State Performance

Authentic Learning Tip #26: Use Learner Choice to Map Your Journey

Shay Lynch discussed how traditional education turns him off. Adults have specific interests and should be allowed to discover topics that are most meaningful to them!

Survey your employees to find out what they want to learn and provide them opportunities and support to learn these topics.

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