Authenticity Tip #21: Be Your True Self

In education, the term authenticity is often used to reference the relevance or meaning of instruction and training to learners. Based on half a million drivers in the Luma Brighter Learning platform providing feedback, our original findings are supported as to how authenticity varies between those who create and decide on curriculum and those who consume or interact with the curriculum.Our goal is to provide weekly tips and strategies for building authentic learning experiences that inspire your team members, create a lasting impression, and grow your safety culture. For more information, read Dr. Gina Anderson’s article, Create Instruction That Engages, Inspires, and Elevates Your Safety Culture.

I Love Learning Podcast, EP21: Dr. Jeannelle Perkins-Muhammad, Licensed Therapist, Author, International Speaker, and SC State Supervisor

Authentic Learning Tip #21: Be Your True Self

Understanding who you are takes self-awareness exercises that Dr. Jeannelle mentions is critical of becoming your true self. Here are some key ideas to get to what you truly need. She says, “Unexpressed expectations will lead to resentment. If you do not know what your expectations are and you do not know what you need, then you can’t be authentic to any relationship.” You have to get to your true self.

Here is a strategy that she provides.

  1. Ask yourself, questions like:
    • Is this real?
    • Is this true to what I want in my life?
    • How do I manifest something different?
    • What will it take me resource wise to get to that space?
    • Stop long enough to identify what your needs are today.
  2. Set clear self-boundaries (e.g. I want to be loved, respected, and honored.
    Communicate needed changes).
  3. Make a decision based on feedback given based on what is true to your needs.
  4. Move yourself into a space where you will be loved, respected and honored.

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