Luma’s 2023 Referral Program

Get your trucking friends to sign up for Luma subscription services, and earn a $50 Amazon or Visa gift card!

Do you love Luma?
  1. Sign up to get a referral link, or scan the QR code below.
  2. Tell your trucking friends about the benefits of using Luma’s technology!
  3. Encourage them to sign up with Luma!
  4. They win! We win! YOU win!
  5. Track your referrals.

When you refer an industry colleague to Luma, and they sign up and utilize Luma eNugget® Learning or Luma Emerge™ for a minimum of 2 months, we will send you a $50 Amazon or Visa gift card – your choice!

And your friend will also have this option to join Luma’s referral program when they sign up!

Our programs work for any size fleet. Spread the word to help your connections save time and money and build a culture of safety by using our award-winning training and communication tools!

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