What is an eNugget?

What is an eNugget®?

Clients often ask us, what is an eNugget®? An eNugget® is a small amount of content that contains between five and nine essential details for the learner. A course, or collection, is comprised of several eNuggets®. By breaking down and categorizing the information, learners are free to explore the content and develop important skills as they need them.

Many corporations are turning to “bite-sized” approaches to learning or microlessons (Patten, 2016) as they seek to deliver content in a way that accommodates employees’ changing attention spans (Starner, 2016). Luma’s eNuggets® are a practical solution to meet this demand. The eNugget® platform allows users to easily return to and search for content as the need for training arises. On average, Luma learners spend between five and eight minutes engaging in a single eNugget® and typically return to a training course three times in single month.

Why use the eNugget® approach?

Instructional designers determine which content is the best content to provide to learners and through which medium to provide that content (e.g., videos, text, audio, interactive games). However, researchers in the learning science field have begun to question if the best medium for learning can actually be predetermined. The “one-size-fits-all” approach utilized by most training programs doesn’t take into account the presence of many different learning preferences and business cultures.

At Luma, we strive to create content that is best suited for the unique, individual learner. Although we use best practices in instructional design to make initial decisions on which types of content will suit learners, ultimately we use analytics to better understand learners’ preferences. By using analytics to drive these decisions, we can revise and build content that meets learners where they are in terms of knowledge, interests and skills – and better command the learner’s attention as a result.

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How do eNuggets® work?

How do we create such specialized learning experiences? Watch the video to hear our CEO, Dr. Gina Anderson, walk you through Luma’s process of breaking down content into eNuggets®.  We hope that by sharing our practices we can help you create the best learning experiences for your employees and learners.

We are finding from data in our courses that the type of medium we choose for eNuggets® really depends on the specific learning cultures. For more examples, or for help creating a customized eNuggets® collection for your learners, contact Luma.

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