Welcome to Luma, Hayden!

Luma Brighter Learning, an instructional design and learning company, is excited to welcome Hayden Miller as Canadian account executive! Hayden joins Luma with several years of outbound sales experience in software in Canada. His passion for learning technology coupled with his knowledge of sales helps position Luma for growth.

Dr. Gina Anderson, CEO of Luma, said, “By having Hayden join Luma as a full-time Canadian employee we are quickly able to scale our efforts globally. Hayden represents all five of our core values, and specifically, he brings so many savvy technology strategies to the table that I am excited to learn from him.”

A fun fact about Hayden:

“I’m on a first-name basis with Cambodian police. But not in a criminal way! My brother-in-law is a high-ranking Cambodian official, so authorities treat me like royalty when I am with him. Cambodians who see my special phone number are taken aback by how famous I must be. Back home in Canada, I have a regular phone and avoid the police. ?”

Welcome to the Luma Dream Team Hayden!

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